The Meeting Minutes of board meetings and other documents will be added to the resources library as available.

All Architectural Requests must go to Your HOA Community Management Company. Do not send them to a board member. Please download the “Architectural Request” form and mail it to Your HOA at least one month prior to your project start time.

Architectural Form

Online Architectural Request Form

Clear Creek – Mailbox Spec Sheet

Clear Creek – Light Pole Map

Governing Documents

Clear Creek Articles of Incorporation

Clear Creek By-Laws

Clear Creek CCR 11-22-1996

Clear Creek CCR Village Homes 7-29-1997

Clear Creek CCR Amendments #1-7

Clear Creek Leasing Restriction Amendment- 9-10-2018

Resolutions and Ordinances

Clear Creek, HOA – Resolution 1.01 Trash Recepticals

Clear Creek HOA — Parking and Loading, City of Danville Ordinances

Meeting Minutes

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